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Making local development for the fulfilment of child rights a reality is an ultimate dream. But that dream doesn’t come easily. It’s hard work, and there are challenges around every corner. Fortunately, local communities in Armenia don’t have to go it alone. Their chances of success increase with access to the knowledge and guidance of experienced professionals not only from Armenia, but also from the widespread Armenian diaspora.


Together4Armenia is a free, easy-to-use platform that allows local communities and diaspora members to connect so they can solve problems and build a better future together.


The Together4Armenia web platform is available to all citizens of the Republic of Armenia and members of the Armenian diaspora worldwide. If you have an affinity with Armenia and would like to engage with and contribute to this dynamic community based on principles of partnership and knowledge-sharing, you are most welcome to participate!


Our platform aims to connect two sides – Experts in the Armenian diaspora and Projects in local communities of Armenia.

for experts:


Create your profile

Create your expert profile with the relevant skills and areas of expertise. Describe yourself and your experience and what difference you hope to make.


Reach out

Browse through the list of available projects and find projects of interest that match your skills and knowledge. Get in touch with project managers to learn more about their initiatives.


Start mentoring

Partner with a chosen project by sharing your knowledge and invest your time – talk on the phone, Skype, visit them while in Armenia and be in touch with all available online and offline means. Do good things together !

for projects:


Develop your idea

Develop a project idea by downloading the project form or contacting one of the knowledge hubs in the regions. Be specific on the required expertise and skills.


Search and match

Get matched with a great partner from the global Armenian diaspora, to work together towards professional goals, creative and innovative solutions.


Engage in partnership

Enter into a partnership with an expert and nurture it by being transparent, open, communicative and forthcoming. Spend time with the expert and listen to the advice offered. Do good things together !

Together4Armenia is a unique, web-based platform that is designed to connect professional members of the Armenian diaspora community with local initiatives on the ground through mentoring and knowledge sharing in an easily accessible and effective manner. The platform offers potential for unprecedented reach and maximum impact - making it possible to reach every community in Armenia, even those typically underserved by state programs, as well as every member of the diaspora. The benefits of such cooperation are far-fetched and include:

for experts/mentors

  • Feeling of contribution to the homeland by transfer of skills and know-how in areas impacting local development and most vulnerable children,
  • Expansion of professional capacities and their practical application in the country of origin,
  • Better understanding of the local context,
  • Acknowledgment and feedback,
  • Networking with other professionals from the Armenian diaspora in similar fields of interest worldwide.

for projects/local communities

  • Solving local issues through creative and innovative solutions,
  • Capacity building and learning in the application and implementation of various community projects and initiatives for local development and to the benefit of most vulnerable families,
  • Building trust with the diaspora by listening and asking for advice,
  • Exposure to best practices worldwide,
  • Maximizing existing resources, while expanding reach and adding new capabilities.

Mentoring in local projects of socio-economic nature may not only impact on improving the situation of vulnerable families and children in the localities, but also lead to job-creation, business development, profit and revenue.


Do not wait – Do something amazing for yourself, your career and your country !

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