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Ever since the establishment of Gavar kindergarten No 7 in 1972, it has been carrying out various activities aimed at the physical, intellectual, moral, aesthetic and environmentally-aware upbringing of children aged 3-6.  It is the only kindergarten in  the Hatsarat community. The learning process of  the children is organized through conventional and interactive methods. Since the kindergarten aims to strengthen children’s love towards their family, culture, traditions and homeland, it organizes big celebrations of national holidays and other events, thus making the daily life of children interesting and saturated. However, nowadays, the kindergarten is in  poor shape, especially the rooms for the youngest children, which has a negative impact on their health, well-being and development in general. Overall, there are 30 children in the youngest group of the kindergarten.


Hence, the project aims to create a healthy and child-friendly environment in the kindergarten, particularly for the youngest children, contributing to their well-being and development.


The expected results of the project include:


  • Improved learning environment for children, which will prepare them for school
  • Improved health conditions of children, particularly the youngest group


The entire kindergarten needs renovation, however, as the majority of the youngest children spend their time in one room, they are the most vulnerable to childhood illnesses in poor conditions. Hence, the priorities of this project is the children’s health and comfort. The entire kindergarten team is ready to volunteer for any efforts aimed at creating a healthier, more child-friendly environment in the school.  Any advice on creative and cost-effective solutions in this regard would be most beneficial. 

Hatsarat community, Gavar city, Gegharkunik region

+37455 526108

  • Partners

  • “Full life” NGO
  • available resources and skills

Volunteers who have skills in building construction, renovation and design

  • needed resources and expertise

  • Expertise Needed
    • Design
    • Fundraising
    • Humanitarian aid/support
    • Construction

Funds Needed

Constructor, fundraiser, and interior designer - these specialists would help us to renovate the kindergarten by making it more child-friendly, as well as assist in finding financial resources for the renovation. For the implementation of the project the NGO is in need of renovation materials and equipment, including 20 metal-plastic windows (20*50$), 6 metal-plastic non-opening windows (6*40$), 14 metal-plastic doors (14*70$), other construction materials, such as cement, paint supplies, laminate (2554$). The overall cost of the project is 4,774 USD (2,291,520 AMD).

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