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1 Ani Yengibaryan

Lives in: Armenia

Language: Armenian, Armenian (Western), English, Russian

Availability to volunteer:
online and offline

Travel to Armenia: As I am busy during work days, so I can be available on Saturday and Sunday till December 2019. Then I will have more free days.

Ani Yengibaryan

Now I am working in two places : Anania Shirakatsi Educational Complex and Hope s Help NGO. In Anania Shirakatsi I am a educational psychologist of IBDP project

Sector and Expertise

Education and training - Counsellor

Professional Experience

I have graduate my master degree in the faculty of Philosophy and Psychology at Yerevan State University after which I have started to worik in COAF as a psychologist. I have made various psychological projects in rural places working with kids, students in educational complexes, with rural people.
Then I have worked in different organizations such as Armenian Red Cross, KASA, Mission Armenia NGO, UNHCR The UN Refugee Agency, Kaunas Region Centre of Social Services in Lithuania, Anania Shirakatsi Educational Complex, Hope s Help NGO.

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About me

I am active and creative person who is interested in the fields where I can put my resource in it and share with my knowledge.
I am self-started with strong interpersonal skills. I work efficiently both as an individual contributor as well as along with a team. I seek new challenges and try ti think out-of-the box while looking for creative solutions to a given problem.
I am a dynamic figure, I am often climbing mountains and crushing huge icebergs under my pirate ship! I have been known to remodel the electricity supply system of the entire city during lunch breaks. In my free time, I compose poetry or paint, which shows that I am an artistic person who can also manage free time efficiently! I agree that I love to work hard, but I am also a social butterfly and can spend my time in different places where I can communicate with people from various fields. For me the life is a big creation.

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