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Renaissance – Revival of Museums

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About the project: One of the most ancient civilizations in the world, Armenia is often referred to as an ‘open air’ museum in terms of both nature and culture. Over the centuries, it has created and developed a modern, sophisticated and living culture at the intersection of the east and the west, unique in many ways.
Tavush, one of the western regions in Armenia, has a rich cultural and historical heritage, however, in recent years public attention towards the museums of 22 communities of the region has drastically decreased. This phenomenon is mainly connected to the lack of awareness of students and youth about the activities, functions and importance of the museums.  This is particularly sad given that there have been some very positive improvements in this regard in Ijevan, Dilijan, Noyemberyan, Berd and Koghb communities.
Hence, the priority issues for the museums of the Tavush region include the lack of strong ties between the visitors and museums, as well as educational institutions and museums, which gradually reduces the importance of museums in the cultural life of local communities and decreases the motivation of museum employees. The educational benefit of museums for adolescents and youth should not be underestimated, as they help in shaping their knowledge, broadening horizons and enriching their cultural life, thus contributing to their overall development.
Key objective of this project: to attract public attention towards the museums of the Tavush region, particularly by strengthening links between educational institutions, local governments, tourism agencies and local museums of the Tavush region.
The expected results of the project include:
  • Increased awareness among youth and children about the museum activities in their local communities,
  • Enhanced cooperation between educational institutions and museums, particularly study visits to corresponding museums included into the academic study plan for school, college and university students,
  • Increased number of visitors, especially among children and youth, who attend museums.
It is noteworthy to mention that in 2013 “Young Tavush” NGO with the support of “Young Women’s Association” NGO increased public awareness on four museums of the Tavush region, by printing information leaflets, producing a video and organising an educational puppet show for children about their importance.

What we have

Office equipment, developed information and promotional materials

What we need

We need a marketing specialist who will help us attract public attention towards the museums, as well as will assist in strengthening links between educational institutions, local government.

Experts who support this project


Anush Zeinalian

Executive Director of Armenia Art Foundation


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