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About the project: Shirak, one of the northern regions in Armenia, is both a beautiful land to reside and a magnificent place for hiking. Bordering Turkey in the west and Georgia in the north, the high steppes crash into the mountain terrain, turning the area into dark green in the spring, and reddish brown in the summer. It would be a shame for a traveler visiting Shirak region to miss the breathtaking view from the amazing mountains surrounding it.
We believe that boosting the area of hiking will mainly contribute to the economic development of the region since the devastating earthquake of 1988 left the region in a socially and economically vulnerable situation. Hence, the main objective of this project is to develop hiking in the region which, in turn, will boost the economy and tourism in Shirak region. Hiking would also allow engagement of youth in the development of their communities.
The expected results of this project include:
  • Hiking becomes a popular sports activity among locals and tourists visiting the region.
  • Increased number of tourists in the region.
  • Economy and tourism improved in the region. 

What we have

We have experienced guides, some professional suit-kit for hiking.

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