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Project background: For a small, beautiful and developing country like Armenia, tourism is of essential importance. In recent years, inbound tourism has become one of the priority directions of country’s economy. The largest by territory, Gegharkunik region is a prominent touristic attraction, since there are located pre-Urartu period castles, historical sites, ancient ruins, churches, and, finally, the azure beauty of Armenia- Lake Seven.Gavar, the Administrative Center of Gegharkunik region, also has a large number of rural communities which have touristic attractions - churches, chapels, monuments. But, unfortunately, these sights have not been revealed either to the world or to Armenia so far.Although there are some agencies and organizations in Gavar engaged in the development of tourism in the region, there is enormous work to be done. Tourism is the area where information updates, practical tools and innovative approaches are always encouraged. Therefore, the main objective of this project is to equip students and young professionals in this field with innovative knowledge and practical tools in tourism management that will contribute to the development of tourism and economy of Gegharkunik region.The expected results of this project include:
  • 20 young professionals equipped with theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of tourism, working toward development of their local community.
  • Gavar revealed as a major touristic attraction.
  • Tourism and economy developed in Gegharkunik region.
  • New job opportunities available.

What we have

We have the office space available, as well as facilities necessary for organizing the training.

What we need

We need an experienced trainer in the field of tourism and management.

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