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About the project: Families residing in bordering areas of Armenia, particularly those having children with disabilities or migrant family members, are vulnerable to poverty, as a result of unemployment and lack of appropriate services. In addition, educational institutions and especially high schools and colleges, do not provide students with any opportunities to take professional orientation courses. The families – young men and women, including those with disabilities, need to be empowered with small income-generating opportunities through developing and enhancing their crafts making vocational skills to be able to earn their daily living.  
This course would also enable them to start up an enterprise of their own and sustain themselves. Therefore, taking into consideration the needs and abilities of young people (also with disabilities), we aim to develop and launch vocational trainings in a variety of fields such as clay, soap and wax making, aimed at enhancing  their capacities and making them more competitive in the labor market.
The expected results of this project include:
  • Around 25 children aged 12-18 and 10 young people with disabilities trained and equipped with clay, wax and soap making skills,
  • Increased ratio of employability in the labor market for young people (also those with disabilities),
  • Small enterprises launched in Tavush reg
  • Tavush region developed as a spot for tourism and hospitality. 

What we have

Space for training, clay and other necessary material, equipment, e.g. kiln and bench for making household and commercial clay pottery, clay jewelry and accessories, soap and wax items.

What we need

Skilled potter with a solid experience in household and commercial clay pottery making. It would be highly desirable if the expert would also possess skills in making various jewelry items from clay.

Experts who support this project


Shant Khayalian

Entrepreneur, Founder of "Beauty Products" LLC


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