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Project background: Playing sports is good at any age. Children who participate in sports develop stronger muscles and bones and are less likely to suffer from physical injuries. Sports contribute to better health and general development of children. Both for children, youth and adults, sports helps in weight management, the toning of muscles and the strengthening of bones, including efficient functioning of the heart, improved blood circulation etc., as well as it helps to mitigate stress caused by everyday pressures and tensions.There are a few fitness centers in Lori region, located in the center of Vanadzor city. However, these centers are not free, and are very often not available for children living in faraway districts. There is one free outdoor physical training complex in “Taron 2” district built by the efforts of Street Workout Armenia initiative and the local community. It a favorite place for local children and youngsters.Nonetheless, it's still not very accessible for children and elders living in "Taron 4" district since the districts are located on two opposite parts of the city. Overall, children living in faraway areas have very limited access to the existing fitness centers considering the lack of transportation means and the scarcity of financial resources. Relying upon the calculations made, about 100-150 people living in 4 nearby districts would benefit if an outdoor sports complex is established in “Taron 4” district. Thus, with this project we aim to build a sport complex for outdoor activities involving more youth and ensuring their participation in physical activities.

What we have

We have space for building the outdoor training complex (donated/ provided by Helsinki Citizens' Assembly, Vanadzor Office).

What we need

We need a mentor / coach equipped with skills of training on street workout and physical well-being.

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