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Museum Experts Wanted for Culture Preservation in Gavar

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About the project: The Geological Museum of Gavar in Gegharkunik is looking for an expert to train staff in modern museum management technologies and international best practices related to cultural heritage preservation. Founded in 1952, the Geological Museum of Gavar houses over 9,000 artifacts that span the history of Gegharkunik from ancient to modern times. The collection includes archeological and ethnographic exhibits, historical manuscripts, photos, carpets, agricultural tools, and more. The museum also contains objects that once belonged to the individuals, families, and philanthropists who contributed to the establishment and development of Gavar. The museum is able to attract visitors on public holidays through special events, but foot traffic remains low on regular working days. There are currently 13 staff members; further on-the-job training is needed to increase their capacity in cultural heritage preservation and the use of modern technologies in the context of museum management. It is expected that such training will strengthen the museum’s ability to preserve and present the cultural and historical heritage of Gegharkunik. Thus, the main goals of the project are to elevate the Geological Museum’s position in the social and cultural life of Gavar as well as to create a favourable environment to attract new visitors, including international travellers to the region. Specific expected outcomes include:
  • Employees at the Geological Museum of Gavar become proficient in the use of modern technologies for museum management,
  • An increase in the number of monthly visitors. 

What we have

The museum will provide the space and other necessary resources required to organise a training workshop for employees. 

What we need

We need a marketing and PR sprecialist who will our team to create favorable environment for attract new visitors, including international travelers to the region.

Experts who support this project


Anush Zeinalian

Executive Director of Armenia Art Foundation


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