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Guiding hand needed for Puppet-Making workshops in Gyumri

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Most people think of puppetry as a form of popular entertainment, but it is also an ancient art form with a flourishing community of theatres and puppet masters in Armenia.

Not only is puppet-making fun for kids, the act of creating colorful characters stimulates their mind as well as their senses. In addition, play-acting with puppets can help children learn how to express themselves and listen to others. 

The benefits are not only limited to kids; crafting also encourages mindfulness, creativity, and stress relief in adults.

Furthermore, we believe that puppet-making constitutes a viable business idea and can be transformed into a successful social enterprise.  

Therefore, our project is to start a puppet-making club with two target demographics: children aged 6-16, and youth and adults aged 17 and up. Kids would learn puppet-making for their own personal development while grown-ups would be able to use their newfound skills for applications like teaching and social entrepreneurship.  

The club will be located at the LOFT center in Gyumri, Shirak Province, a multipurpose center with multiple branches in other major cities in Armenia. 

What we have

Our partner, the LOFT center in Gyumri, will provide the space for the puppet-making club. Another partner, the Puppet Theatre of Gyumri Community Municipality, will provide a broad range of materials and equipment necessary to make puppets. 

What we need

We are looking for a talented puppet-maker with extensive overseas experience in this field who would be willing to share his/her knowledge and advice on techniques in puppet-making.

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