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Young Artist Program

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About the project: The YAP is a two-year residency for gifted singers who are in transition from academic training to a professional career in opera. The program is designed to serve as an incubator for exceptionally gifted young artists and help them become performers of potentially international stature. The Program is set to train generations of young singers, for years to come.

The highly competitive program can accommodate 8-12 artists annually. The YTDP's training component incorporates individualized courses for each singer in the areas of musical coaching voice lessons, language studies, acting, dance and stage plastics. The participants work with renowned vocal teachers and visiting professionals.

Expected outcomes: By the time of their graduation, the participants are expected to be involved in Yerevan Opera Theatre productions with leading roles on a regular basis. They will have individualized repertoire to provide their participation in the Opera Theatre and to enable them to perform on opera stages abroad to realize their fullest potential.

Project Activities: During their course of study, the participants are required to partake in the Opera theater productions that include concerts as well as full opera settings. They will also regularly participate in both local and international competitions and music festivals. The number of participants’ stage appearances and awards will serve as measures of their success.

There will be regular team performance reviews. The jury will be elected from established field professionals. The evaluation process should take into consideration overall progress made in principles of singing-breath control, tone production, resonance, range, flexibility, commitment to performance, and mastery of language and diction.

What we have

Artistic director – Develops the program of training for the course of two years. Responsible for selecting of the participants. Creates the team of highly qualified specialists. Responsible for the foreign relations. Assistant Accompanist – a pianist that provides a musical accompaniment to the singers during the classes, rehearsals and tours.

What we need

Acting instructor –person, well educated in theatrical arts, who teaches the participants various acting skills and techniques.

Language specialists (Italian, optional: German, French, English etc.) – the guardians of the tone, style, and voice, and the enforcers of quality and excellence of pronunciation in their languages.

Vocal consultant – A vocal consultant is responsible for assisting singers to develop their vocal skills for the purposes of improving vocal performances on the stage.

Experts who support this project


Lyuba Tatevosyan

Coach in pronunciation in French and Italian opera

Russian Federation

Anahit Nersisyan

Singer and vocal coach

United States of America

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