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Discover Armenian Literature

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We, at ARI Literature Foundation, strongly believe that books are Ambassadors which represent a nation at best and can heavily contribute to country’s political and economic development, improve various challenged fields such as culture, education and health.

We designed Discover Armenian Literature project in a way to create core conditions necessary for the development of book market in Armenia and promotion of Armenian literature worldwide.The project’s main objective is to make books by Armenian authors available for international readers. This requires special conditions which will secure effective work of several interconnected institutions.

The project will focus mainly on:

  • supporting writers in their writing,providing training on skillful translation from Armenian into foreign languages,
  • representing Armenian literature at the international markets,offering foreign publishers translation support grants as an incentive to publish Armenian literature,
  • presenting Armenian writers to the world through literary media, festivals, public events, etc.

Target audience of the project includes writers, translators, editors, publishers, and readers.

The project’s main activities include:

  • Developing an online data base for contemporary writers and their works in English language, thus making modern Armenian literature visible and accesible to international public and professionals.
  • Identifying, training and supporting literary translators translating books from Armenian into foreign languages with the goal of establishing a literary translators center.
  • Participating in international book fairs and promoting Armenian literature, fostering interest of foreign publishers.
  • Offering translation support grant as an incentive to publishers to publish Armenian literature in translation.
  • Publishing articles about Armenian literature and works by Armenian authors at respectable literary periodicals.
  • Supporting participation of authors in literary festivals and important events around the world.

What we have

Our resources include: professional staff, volunteers, office space, equipment. 

What we need

Fundraising expert - to assist in engaging individual donors, organizations and other sources of funding to implement the project.

Strategic planning professional - to help develop short term and long-term strategy for implementation of the project.

Experts who support this project

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