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Playground shelters for children living under fire attacks in Tavush

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Pahapan (The Guardian) Development foundation is a non-governmental, non-profit organization established in 2016. The Pahapan Foundation is a unity of active people, who have achieved in social, economic, cultural and spiritual areas of life and are ready to invest their time and skills to make their vision true. Strong, safe borders and welfare of the population living in the borderline villages is one of the most important guarantees of the Armenia’s progress and security.  Our mission is to develop and strengthen Armenia’s border regions especially focusing on Tavush region. We aim to make Tavush a unique environment in which people live with strong faith, care for their land and have sustainable living.   

Tavush has about 350 km border with Azerbaijan, thereby has 45 villages officially considered borderline as they are situated in the up to 10 km proximity from the frontline and are regularly subjected to fire by Azeri armed forces. Of these, 22 are at most risk as they are located only in 5 kilometer proximity from the border with Azerbaijan. These communities are inhabited by approximately 30,000 people, of which about 1/3 are children. When the fire-shootings start during their class time  children have nowhere to hide or go to their  school / kindergarten basements. Most of them are dilapidated, dark, and cold. Hence, the Pahapan Foundation with its Playground shelters initiative during 2017-2019 undertakes to renovate and equip 15 playground shelters in 15 most vulnerable communities located in the premises of schools and kindergartens. These will aim to create a safer physical and psychological environment for about 100000 children.  

The project’s main objectives:
to renovate and equip 15 playground shelters in 15 most vulnerable communities located in the premises of schools and kindergartens in Tavush borderline villages.

The project’s main target audience and beneficiaries:
10000 children and youth living in borderline villages under regular fire.

The project’s main expected outcomes:
The success of this project will provide a proper safe facility for current and future young children in 15 villages of Tavush most exposed to fire attacks from Azeri side. The safe and nice playground shelters will help children organize their education in a safe and stimulating environment.

The project’s main activities:
1. Risk assessment of Tavush village schools and kindergarten facilities, design and budgeting of construction works. 2. Fundraising campaign for each project. 

What we have

Our project resources are quite limited - we have a pool of volunteers who help us to fundraise in Yerevan café as part of our campaign. We don't have office space. We have 1 volunteer construction specialist and a part-time SMM. 

What we need

Fundraising specialist - to help us create a comprehensive 6-months long Fundraising strategy to raise money for the renovation and equipment of 15 fire-shelters.

Communications specialist - to support implementation of the communication plan of the project and outreach to prospective donors in diaspora, establishing main communication messages and ensuring selection of correct target audiences

Interior designer - to create interior design solution for a fire-shelter space ensuring it contains playground, resting area, etc. thus turning a fire-shelter into a positive learning and resting space for the kids. To assist the project with professional interior design solutions for playground shelters for each case/project based on the actual photos and requirements (space limitations, number of children, budget).

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