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Choosing the future profession and the university to enroll in are important tasks for high-school students and their parents. 

In post-Soviet counties, including Armenia, a significant part of high-school students enter a university every year right after graduating from high-school however a small number of those who enroll in universities find a job that matches their educational background. This means that the majority of students very often study for a wrong occupation. The reasons for choosing a wrong occupation is very often caused by the low level of self-awareness, information on possible education and occupation opportunities, and, very often, by the pressure of parental opinion and family traditions. 

In Vanadzor, the administrative center of Lori region, there are 7 high-schools, and therefore, the number of future “professionals” is also high. In order to escape the above-mentioned problem and to enable school students to choose their future occupation on their own, we have come up with the following idea: 

The main objective of the project:
 raise the awareness of education and occupation opportunities among high-school students of Vanadzor so that they feel empowered and able to choose their future occupation. 

The project’s main target audience and beneficiaries: 
around 200 high-school students studying in 7 high schools in the city of Vanadzor. 

The project’s main actions:
 to organize a training program for groups of high-school students that will cover the following actions: 

1. Training on self-awareness - by proper learning content design, recognize own capacities, readiness for achievements and aptitudes.

2. Information on education and occupation opportunities - available or new occupation related information to be developed and prepared in a structural manner, so as to provide for an informed occupation selection.

3. Meeting with the world of occupations – organize meetings with occupation representatives, company internship representatives to ask, test and define if the desired occupation is in respect to their expectations.

4. Individual counseling on occupation choice decision.

What we have

We have office space, facilities, personnel that will help the Profession Orientation Trainer/Teacher with the organization of project activities. 

What we need

Experts who support this project

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