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HotInfo Ijevan

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InfoTun is an information resource center that aims to promote active community life. It’s a platform where a number of events, trainings, meetings and discussions happen. The network of InfoTuns is run by young active people and operates in 8 cities of Armenia including Ijevan.

Ijevan InfoTun is one of the favorite meeting points of local young people since they can freely gather there, talk, discuss important community news, meet outstanding guests, develop their skills in media literacy.

“HotInfo Ijevan” is a project idea initiated by a group of teenagers who are active members of Ijevan InfoTun. They want to start printed press publication of articles which will be written by students of high schools and universities in Ijevan. It will cover the news of ordinary and cultural Ijevan life. At the same time it will be a good platform for spreading news and announcements throughout the region.

Ijevan is the administrative center of Tavush region. It has profound history, public figures who were born there, beautiful nature, active daily life, state and non-governmental organizations, but currently there is no printed media in the town that will cover these topics. There used to be “Ijevan” magazine but the last time it was published was years ago.

“HotInfo Ijevan” will be a weekly newspaper printed in 100 copies and spread throughout the town and the adjacent communities. However, it will also be spread over by emails, social networks or other media channels. Once the project is successfully launched, it will help Ijevan InfoTun to continuously develop its capacities on printed media publication, and may create workplace for a few students engaged.

What we have

We are ready to invest our office space, office facilities for implementation of this project. We have groups of young people who have already registered and are ready to volunteer for gathering material and writing articles but they need a good training on fundamentals of journalism, storytelling, and photojournalism. 

What we need

Our project needs a photojournalist able to train a group of young people for preparing articles for “HotInfo Ijevan” weekly newspaper.

Experts who support this project

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