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About the project: Nowadays, young people with disabilities face the biggest challenges in the regions of Armenia. For many years, due to cultural stereotypes they were especially deprived of employment opportunities. The unemployment rate of women and young girls is especially high in the cities of Vanadzor, Spitak and Alaverdi of the Lori region. Thus, in order to resolve this issue, the initiative “We are also able” plans to organize courses on design and computer literacy for 30 young girls and women with and without disabilities in the mentioned areas of Lori during a seven-month period. The project selection is based on the research conducted in the cities. The majority of the respondents chose those courses. Most importantly, the project will contribute to an inclusive education process in the Lori region and will give an opportunity to the participants to get to know each other better, as well as make friends for the future.
Key objective of the project “We are also able” is to increase the employment rate of women and girls with special needs, which will help to eliminate the misguided opinion the public holds regarding their employment.
The expected results of the project include:
  • Increased capacities of at least 30 women and girls from the Lori region in design and computer literacy;
  • Employment opportunities created for people with disabilities, enabling them to offer support to their families and children;
  • Social stereotypes in regards to people with disabilities are alleviated, creating a more inclusive environment in Vanadzor.

The project will lead to the inclusion of people with disabilities, primarily women and girls, in the decision-making process of their respective communities. In the frame of this project, the shooting of a short film is planned, the organization of a flash mob and at the end of the program, there will be an exhibition and the sale of the items made by the participants during the training.  The flash mob and sales exhibition will enable participants to present their works and prove that people with special needs can also become full members of the society. The short film, describing the entire process of the classes, will show the public that people with special needs can learn arts and crafts just like any other member of society. In addition, a website will be created for information and the sale of the handmade products of the participants. Skills gained from the computer literacy training will enable them to upload their handmade products on the website created in the framework of this project. Generally speaking, women and girls with disabilities will be able to use their skills at home and their respective workplaces. 

What we have

Computer, Spaces for training

What we need

The project management specialist is expected to help the project team with the above-mentioned activities.

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Shoghig Giragosian

Business development consultant

United States of America

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