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The initiative group behind the “Nimba” social project is the “Armenian Charity Runners Team” charitable organization. The team joins different running events and raises funds for other NGOs or social projects. With the aim of providing more systematic support to people with disabilities and their parents the Armenian Charity Runners Team launched the “Nimba” social project. 

It is a new Armenian brand of bed linen with modern design and high quality produced by single mothers of children with disabilities from low-income families. 

The main goal is to give financial stability to women and give them an opportunity to build a better future.
Target group of the project are single mothers and their children with disabilities.

Our expected outcome is to become one of the best bed linen local brands in Armenia and enter the international market, make women powerful and give them financial stability and independence.

Имеющиеся ресурсы

Our team of four specialists speaks Armenian, English and Russian. We have sales specialist, managers and accountant. We have funds from AGBU grant (Bridge for CSOs) and some funds from our Charity Runners` crowdfunding campaigns. We have also free space for 1 year (till Feb, 2019) at Impact Hub Yerevan (Zartir Fellowship). We work on our own computers and on Impact Hub office equipment.

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