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Arvest-Armenian Art Education Game

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Armenian art and culture has its unique role in the global repository of art heritage. Moreover, it’s the inseparable part of the identity and the world outlook of the Armenian nation. Therefore, the transition of the Armenian art and culture heritage to the new generation and its promotion is not only important from the perspective of shaping Armenian youth’s national identity but also in terms of preserving Armenian cultural heritage worldwide. 

In order to make art and culture comprehensible and accessible to the younger generations of Armenians, learning should be practised not only via traditional methods such as books, manuals but also through contemporary and more effective methodology such as gamification of learning that interactive activity books and board games can offer. 

ARVEST, first ever card game in Armenian dedicated to 12 Armenian outstanding artists, that aims to trigger children’s curiosity towards art in an easy-to-grasp, visual and interactive manner. Through the medium of gamified art, children will easily remember the artists and their famous artworks, explore each artwork closely, recognise artists’ specific color palettes and styles as well as their art genres. 

The game comes complete with visually attractive book that provides information on art genres, discloses the most interesting but less known biographical facts about each artist, their artwork and the peculiarities of their style, fostering the skill of deciphering the artwork correctly. Arvest is not just a game, it’s an aesthetic journey that contributes to the creative ways of learning and forms cultural bridges between child’s mindset and art. The game targets children 5 ages and up, and can be used as a supplementary educational material in Armenian for preschool institutions, schools and other educational establishments. It can also be used at home by parents to enrich child’s aesthetic, educational past-time.

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We have a core team of 4 working on the project and we have a group of outsourced specialists and volunteers supporting us with the project. We have published the game in 700 copies and disseminated half of it to the educational establishments throughout the entire territory of Armenia. Given the high demand and great interest towards the project and the product, Arvest game was republished in Armenian version also is currently being translated into Western Armenian, English and French in order to enlarge the outreach of the project throughout the global Armenian diasporan communities.

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