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Bari Tnak

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Main activity of “Bari Mama” NGO is to support orphans with disabilities, as well as to reunite infants with their biological families, who were abandoned due to health reasons. Throughout our existence (one year as a volunteer group and 2 years as an NGO), we encountered many cases where mothers were forced to abandon their children, because the family refused to accept a disabled child, and mothers had no place to go. "Bari Tnak" is intended to give shelter exactly to these women, giving them a possibility to keep the baby and to get rid of psychological violence in the family. We plan to provide them with food and shelter for up to 12 months. During all their stay in “Bari Tnak”, efforts will be done in order to reconcile with the family and/or find a work, thus making the mother independent and to find a sponsor for 2 years, who will take care for housing costs, till the family can stand firmly on their feet. If a woman does not possess any knowledge or craft, this problem will also be solved in "Bari Tnak".

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We have a dedicated team and office space with all necessary facilities. 

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