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Armen Minassian talks on Leadership and Decision-Making

We were thrilled to know that Mr. Armen Minassian, the experienced trainer of Project Management courses at IAB, the International Academy of Business in Armenia who is also a talented architect, professor at the National University of Architecture and Construction of Armenia and owes a number of local and international awards, agreed to volunteer and share his knowledge with rural communities in frames of Together4Armenia platform.

So, on the 3rd of February we travelled with Mr. Minassian to Gyumri, the administrative center of Armenia’s Shirak region. At the big hall of Shirak State University an auditorium composed of more than 150 people was waiting for him. Varying from younger to elders, there were representatives of SCOs, employees of the regional administration offices and students of colleges and universities present at the meeting. Mr. Minassian conducted a training on “Leadership and Decision-making” covering such topics as the types of leadership and the ways and mechanisms of decision-making process and referring to his examples from his own experience from time to time. During the training there happened exciting discussion on a number of topics, such as difference between a leader and a boss, the difficulties of being a leader, the win-win approach to decision-making and the importance of adapting changes. Judging by the questions and the behavior of the audience, the topic was well chosen and demanded for those present.

“Fate has brought us to a part of the world where we have expertise worth sharing with the people of Armenia, and of course we should benefit from the experience of the locals too”, reflected Mr. Minassian in an interview after the training.

Click below to see the video-story of Mr. Minassian’s meeting in Gyumri.

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