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Fredrick Danelian

Lives in: United States of America

Language: Armenian, English, Farsi

Availability to volunteer:

Travel to Armenia: Flexible as needed. short or long term

Fredrick Danelian

I manage a closed fund which consists of real estate portfolio, collateralized mortgage back securities, and equity investments. I also provide consulting .

Professional Experience

I founded a Public sector construction company in 1988, My firm has been awarded numerous awards from numerous public sector organizations. I retired from the company two years ago. I have a management degree from UCLA Graduate School Of management. My expertise are in management of organizations, public sector construction, private sector real estate development and feasibility study. construction scheduling for critical deadlines, quality control,cost control, accountability, and platform for fair bidding process of public funds.

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About me

I am a proud Armenian. I was born in Iran to Armenian parents, traveled to the US at age 12. I became a Citizen Of Armenia in 2012.Words can't explain being Armenian, after the earthquake I realized words were not enough and action was required . I support AGBU with an endowment I have established.

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