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Slikhanian Talina

Lives in: Armenia

Language: Armenian (Western), English, French, Arabic

Availability to volunteer:
online and offline

Travel to Armenia: I have been working at Wild Discovery Travel and Tourism, Lebanon as an Outgoing Operations Executive. I recently resigned due to the current economic

Slikhanian Talina

Actually, I am looking for a full time and/or volunteering opportunity

Professional Experience

Briefly saying, after working for 10 years in the Travel & Tourism industry, where I have been managing all the reservations for the outgoing travellers, as well as extensive multinational knowledge, dealing with suppliers worldwide, partners and consultants.

I have been preparing the department budget with the least possible cost to meet the company's objectives and the market

In addition, I have been planning and organizing events of all kind( wedding, seminars for corporates and individuals, concerts, shows)

Moreover, I have been training the sales team for the new products being

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About me

After visiting Armenia more than 10 times, and each time discovering something new about this country , I have decided to move to Armenia to continue my career and to discover more about this culture.
Being a travel expert in travel and tourism field I am sure that I can implement my 10 years experience by communicating the pure image of Armenia.

I am looking for a volunteering program to try something new and build a real sense of achievement, to meet new people by being a part of a community, to learn new skills and to take on a challenges.

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