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Thanks to our partnership with the Armenian Volunteers Corps, we heard about Shoghig Giragosian, a Diaspora Armenian with vast experience in branding and marketing. Since target regions at Together4Armenia platform also needed the kind of expertise she had, we started to cooperate with Shoghig. Based in Whittier, California, she has almost 20 years of experience in business, marketing and real estate management in the US. Currently she works as a financial controller for a private company, but in line with this she is very active in volunteering for non-profits, serving on various committees and boards of organizations, in organizing fundraising events for the last 10 and more years.

As a specialist of PR and Marketing for Together4Armenia platform, Shoghig Giragosian visited the cities of Gyumri, Vanadzor and Gavar, and met with students, local specialists of marketing and PR, as well as with the representatives of civil society organizations and tourist agencies.

Having worked in the field of marketing and business management for years and for various outstanding companies, Shoghig could easily capture the diverse audience and share her knowledge, best practices, skills and tools on Product Branding, PR, Event Management, Customer Care, etc. She started her workshop by making an extended theoretical input on 4Ps of marketing - product (products/services), price (inflation, discounts), place (the place of sale of goods or services), promotion (advertising, PR) - thus providing basic knowledge foundation for her audience. Little by little the presentation grew into an interesting discussion - analyses of marketing campaigns in Armenia, or those of companies present at the meeting.

She talked about the importance of colors and design, their intended use and the impact on the consumer, and answered all the questions. At the end of the workshops she provided her contact details to some representatives of organizations present so that she provides some professional counseling to their business in private.

You can view Shoghig’s expert profile by clicking here.

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