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Arine Kazaryan volunteers again as a T4A expert on project management in Vanadzor

About a year ago Together4Armenia platform hosted Arine Kazaryan, a project management specialist from Lebanon. We hosted her again a couple of weeks ago so that she continued what she had started in Lori Province and filled the gap on project management skills among the youth in the region. Being a graduate of the American University of Lebanon, Arine has accumulated vast experience as project coordinator at the AGBU office in Lebanon. She’s experienced particularly in designing and implementing successful marketing and communications strategies and in helping NGOs to achieve their growth objectives.

On 13 October, 2017, Arine made her way to Vanadzor, Lori Province of Armenia to share her knowledge on project management cycles with around 25 students of MBA and Law Faculty of the European Regional Educational Academy, Vanadzor Branch, and with employees of local NGOs.

During the workshop she talked about mechanisms for successful project management, the role of communication in team work, introduced strategies for planning successful marketing and fundraising campaigns. She also provided real time examples from international and her own practice to her audience.

“The training was quite interesting and the subject was much required. Although we know about the cycles of project management, we received an interesting interpretation of the same topics. However, we never tried out practical exercises during the class time before. With Arine we learnt how to develop a business plan on a brainstormed idea. She also taught us which are the most important components to focus on while developing a business plan, and she taught us tips on making business plan more competitive in the market”, mentioned MBA students of the European Regional Educational Academy.

Though this was Arine’s first cooperation with the European Regional Educational Academy in Vanadzor, she will definitely stay connected with the students afterwards. They exchanged their contacts and planned to work online in the future.

The staff of local NGOs also benefitted a lot from Arine’s visit since she worked with them on planning applied marketing and fundraising strategies to meet the goals of their NGOs.

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