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Mariam Hasmig Danielian

Lives in: Romania

Language: Armenian, Armenian (Western), English, German, French, Portuguese

Availability to volunteer:
online and offline

Mariam Hasmig Danielian

I do not have a current occupation at the moment.

Sector and Expertise

Engineering, manufacturing and construction - Engineer

Professional Experience

I worked in oil&gas field for the applications in the control room, which exist nowadays in any factory: level 2(control), level 3(historian) and level 4(high-end control and statistics).
I worked in the automotive field first as developer of a requirements engineering application, later as a user of such application. This latter job was a system engineer job in the team which was developing the ultrasonic sensors for proximity.

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About me

I am a rumanahay and even though I am the 4th generation in Romania, my Armenian roots always matter to me. I volunteered in Armenia with Birthright Armenia in 2007 and I volunteered with EVS in Portugal in 2015-2016. As I already built a professional career and since I discovered the beauty of volunteering, I would like to put my skills and knowledge to the use of Armenia. I think Together4Armenia is a great helper in this sense.

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