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Dzovinar Harkian

Lives in: Armenia

Language: Armenian (Western), English, Arabic

Availability to volunteer:
online and offline

Travel to Armenia: I have relocated to Armenia

Dzovinar Harkian

I work as a Consultant and Humanitarian Trainer in line with the Sustainable Development Goals, Skills, Capacity Building for NGOs & advocate Lifelong Learning.

Sector and Expertise

Social protection - Social worker / case manager
Education and training - Lecturer

Professional Experience

I have a Professional Master's degree in International Organizations, also interned at UNESCO on UN working modalities. I'm a certified Master Facilitator in Children Trauma Healing program. My work experiences were in the World Bank R4R school study. Being a Senior Legal Executive at the Armenian Matrimonial Court in Lebanon, allowed me to practice the social and legal protection of vulnerable families. I provided case management, psychosocial support, and conflict resolution.
I believe that integrity, teamwork, and dedication are the pillars of professionalism and results-based development.

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About me

I am passionate about both social protection and the empowerment of the vulnerable. I believe that a strong future of a community or generation starts from the segment of the social environment of the unit/family, together with efficient education. When the members of any family are living a healthy and safe social and mental life, and are well aware of the needs for education and empowerment for everyone in the family, real opportunities will be presented. It is then they are able to thrive and sustain a developed prosperous future. Many of the underprivileged strive for their voices to be heard and capabilities to be respected, we need to uplift the weak, heal the broken and empower them with will and skill, so Armenia will rise with all its components. Each of us can contribute and make a difference in this goal.That's why I have eagerly relocated to Armenia with the passion to serve my country where possible because I do believe we can build a sustainable future together for all.

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