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1 Lyusi Baghdagyulyan

Lives in: Spain

Language: Armenian, English, Russian, Chinese (Simplified )

Availability to volunteer:
online and offline

Travel to Armenia: I will be in Armenia August 1 - 25 , 2019

Lyusi Baghdagyulyan

Currently I am working on mobile banking application

Sector and Expertise

Information technology - Front-end developer

Professional Experience

I am a Senior Front End Developer, currently working in Spain Madrid.
I also worked in China, in Alibaba which is one of the biggest e-commerce platform world-wide.
Mostly I am working with React, React Native, Angular and other Javascript frameworks.

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About me

I am 25 years old Armenian female. I was born and spent most of my live in Armenia.

I was very lucky to get an opportunity to work aboard, to explore new cultures, to work in very fast developing environment, learn and use latest frameworks and approaches in the field .

Back to my teenage years, the perception of Software Developer was that mysterious guy who knows everything about computers and can hack the Pentagon during the lunchtime.

I want every person to know that they can become a Software Developer, it is not something extraordinary, just retired time, hard work and love towards technologies.

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