Stephen Artinian

Regional Credit Manager with Cisco Systems, Inc.
Internal coach...

United States of America

Ani Hovhannisyan

Freelance as a trainer and teacher in marketing, sales and commun...


Fredrick Danelian

I manage a closed fund which consists of real estate portfolio, c...

United States of America

Isabella Merabova

Admin team member for Together4Armenia platform


Maria Bagdasarova

Campaigns and Communications Officer in an NGO in Brussels


Levon Ambarzumjan

CEO & Founder of LA housing - Management and administration of re...


Tim Esworthy

Student at Worcester Polytechnic Institute
BS/MS in mechanical e...

United States of America

Oliver Jay

Studying Robotics at Worcester Polytechnic Institute

United States of America

Alyssa Mesaros

Right now I am a full-time student, but I completed the project i...

United States of America

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