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2 Garen Melikyan

Lives in: United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Language: Armenian, English, Russian, German

Availability to volunteer:
online and offline

Travel to Armenia: I plan to visit Armenia in April 2019.

Garen Melikyan

Director of Cyber Security at the British Arab Commercial Bank - London, UK.

Professional Experience

I am commercially minded Information Technology & Cyber Security Manager with many years of experience working on large projects in multinational corporations across sectors including Banking, Marketing Communications, Consumer Goods, Charity and International Organisations (UN/OSCE).

I would enjoy helping to develop business cases and ideas for IT/Web Application Development related projects.

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About me


I was born in Yerevan and lived there until I was 26. I left Armenia in 1999, and since I lived and studied in the USA, Austria, and the UK. I am an established professional in my field of Cyber Security and IT Management.

I am especially looking to engage with Web/Digital Projects (Business and Charity) to help in
developing your project ideas in web app development (HTML/CSS/JavaScript/React/Angular etc)
and cyber security (Kali Linux/OWASP) testing/"white hat" hacking.

Please connect to me on linkedin:

and on facebook:

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