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STEM Education Research Centre

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About the organization:
The founder of “Triple-I Innovative Idea Implementer” NGO is 10X Engineering company. Our goals are:
  • Raising competitiveness of Armenia’s High Technology engineering via pursuing realization of innovative ideas, development and production of High-tech products;
  • Empowering young people via IT and High-tech education and creating opportunities for their development as globally competitive specialists;
  • Through research and innovation bringing more effective solutions to the problems of agriculture, ecology, sustainable energy, urban infrastructures, etc.
  • Via research offering better alternative energy solutions;
  • Bringing accelerated positive changes in various fields of social life.
Moreover, the absence of connection between theory and real world is the main reason of ineffective education not only in Armenia. The problem of all STEM students is a combination of uninterruptible hours lecturing with lack of experience.

Children work isolated on invented exercises, instead of collaborative work and real life projects. Today’s students need to develop creative thinking and ability to bring about innovation and original solutions to their projects.

Project activities: “STEM Education Research Centre” educational laboratory allows local youngsters to be educated and motivated for solution\product development.

The students from all regions will be able to study the basics of physics, electronics and automation in one place using high-tech experimental educational solutions and platforms. The drive will be supported with a team of trained teachers and under mentorship of local engineers with high expertise.

The students are able to test their prototypes on the real life conditions offering their solutions for today’s modern challenges.

Sustainability of the projectMODEL: social enterprise:
  • Offering highly competitive, effective and affordable trainings (with scholarship options);
  • Contracting with local IT companies (as staff educational and training center);
  • Development of small-scale IT projects by student groups;
  • Formation of viable start-up groups and companies (getting donations).
Benefits for the society
  • Attract the young generation to go in Engineering;
  • More opportunities for young people to find IT-related jobs;
  • Recruitment facilitation for successful students;
  • High quality specialists;
  • Competitive market.

What we have

  • Certified field expertise, engineers (lecturers);

  • Educational Labs and curricula;

  • STEM trainer kits;

  • Special hardware and software;

  • Mentoring;

  • Management; Networking in IT.

What we need

To help develop fundraising strategy for the current project, to support us in reaching out to potential donors, identifying relevant grant programs, etc.

To help us in the right project positioning and Digital Marketing. To support us in reaching out to educational institutions and relevant organizations for potential partnerships.

Experts who support this project


Garen Melikyan

Director of Cyber Security at the British Arab Commercial Bank -...

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