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Innovation for Social Impact

The Civilitas Foundation
Media and internet

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In the spirit of the Latin ‘Civilitas’ – the citizen’s responsibility to society – the Civilitas Foundation encourages the responsibility of every citizen to contribute to the realization of a functioning and prosperous democracy and promotes the right of every individual to benefit from his/her full potential. In its support of democratization, Civilitas’s biggest project is CivilNet online television. Civilitas focuses on media because of its potential for maximum social impact. CivilNet’s mission is to enable/support consistent, open and grounded discourse, utilize research, promote inclusive dialogue, give a voice to the voiceless and highlight little-discussed topics. In other words, by providing context and enabling an active and aware citizenry, CivilNet aims to have social impact, and facilitate social impact by others in civil society. CivilNet does journalism in the public interest.

What we have

CivilNet is run by a team of highly motivated young professionals. Women and youth make up the overwhelming majority of the staff that consists of 32 people who speak both Armenian and English. Editor-in-Chief, Karen Harutyunyan has worked in the media for 13 years (Chief Editor of Capital Business Daily, Editor of Tert); several assistant editors and producers manage the editorial and production process; social media, website and YouTube are handled by qualified IT professionals. We “live” in a very hospitable office with the best balcony view in Yerevan.

What we need

CivilNet’s Facebook, Twitter accounts verification, YouTube channel monetization

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