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Photojournalism - Tavush Communities through lenses

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About the project: What better way to voice local concerns and issues you may have than through visual presentation? Nowadays it is increasingly popular among children and youth to raise their voices through photos and videos, particularly through social media, bringing attention to pressing needs in the communities. Certainly, along with photos the delivered message becomes more influential and vivid.

There are many children and youth in the Tavush region who aspire to master photography, as well as videography for raising local issues.

Particularly, youth groups of the “Bridge of Hope” NGO are very active in voicing different issues of their communities through social media. Thus, they have a huge potential for becoming good photojournalists in their communities. At the same time, there is a high demand for photojournalists in Tavush. It is noteworthy that in Yerevan different educational institutions offer courses on photojournalism, which are aimed at preparing experts in this field. Nonetheless, in Tavush such courses are missing due to the lack of expertise in the field of photojournalism. Anytime there is important news to report or an event takes place in Tavush, photojournalists from Yerevan travel to the region, which takes considerable time. Thus, Tavush needs local photojournalists for reporting various issues that are taking place in the region. Preparing local photojournalists will also reduce the youth unemployment rate in Tavush and increase youth engagement in the life of the communities.

The key objective of this project is to engage youth in voicing issues of concern to their communities using modern photojournalism techniques.

The expected results of the project include:
  • Approximately 50 young people aged 14-30 trained in photojournalism,
  • Increased youth activism in Tavush,
  • Reduced youth unemployment rate in the region.
The project has all the available resources in conducting the training. The only missing link is the lack of expertise in the field. Upon the successful completion of the project the youth of Tavush, equipped with photography and videography skills, will organise local exhibitions as well as participate in international contests. Overall, the project will also contribute to the community development of the region through the organisation of various local actions, initiatives and events. 

What we have

Space, equipment

What we need

We lack expertise in photography and videography. Thanks to obtaining this, we will organise local exhibitions as well as participate in international contests.

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