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Ecotourism Development in Tavush

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Project background: The Tavush region is prominent for its picturesque views, family resorts, natural and historical sites that have always attracted a large number of tourists from Armenia and abroad. Tavush is also considered the "greenest region" of Armenia due to its mountains covered by forests, green Alpine meadows, as well as the varieties of flora and fauna.

Tavush being one of the most beautiful and green regions of Armenia, has always been in the spotlight of Armenians and foreigners. With its historical monuments, monasteries, museums as well as other cultural sites the region can become the centre of ecotourism. However, due to the lack of expertise in the field of tourism and hospitality, the interest of tourists towards Tavush decreases year by year. Another issue is connected with youth unemployment who have higher education. Many young people of Tavush study at the Yerevan State University branch in Ijevan. Nonetheless, due to educational problems in the region, after graduation those students are unable to use their knowledge in practice. 
Thus, it is important to conduct trainings for preparing tour guides from the active youth of Tavush, who are willing to work in the field of eco-tourism and tourism in general. 

Hence, the main objective of this project is to develop eco-tourism in the Tavush region by preparing appropriate experts from the local community who will work in this field.

The expected results of the projects include:
  • Increased employment opportunities for the youth of the region,
  • Enhancement of interaction between tourists and local community members,
  • Contribution to the economic and social well-being of the local community members,
  • Improved conditions of environment through conservation of natural areas,
The project will first of all benefit the youth of the region by creating more employment opportunities. By engaging in ecotourism, young people will also be more responsible towards the environment. Thus, the project will contribute to the overall sustainable development of Tavush. A preliminary agreement has been reached with the several faculties of the Yerevan State University Ijevan branch for collecting information on the region’s historical and cultural monuments. 

What we have

Young students who are willing to work in the field of eco-tourism.

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