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Agarak Center for Dog's Place NGO

Dog's Place stray animal rescue NGO
Agriculture, environment and animal welfare

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Agarak Center is a social enterprise founded by Dog's Place stray animal rescue NGO, an animal welfare organization with 5 years experience. We provide medical assistance, care, and psychological assistance to dogs in need, train and rehome them. The founders are family members, who have passion, love and devotion for improving the culture of loving the nature and animals.

The initiative has started in 2014 in the backyard of the family house and it grew to a big project. Since 2014, there have been rehomed 218 stray dogs. Currently the organization shelters 32 dogs. Aiming to enlarge the scope of activities and power of impact, there has been elaborated a unique project called “Agarak Center”.

The center is going to be the main venue for implementing trainings for children and adults, also inclusive programs. We have already trained 50 kids and the planned target for 2019 is to reach the number of 150 kids.

The purpose of the elaborated programs is to promote pet ownership, raise awareness about pet care, environmental issues, nature protection, and importance of being in harmony with nature.

The center is created to support funds for the implementation of the NGO’s projects. The revenue is being allocated to stray animal’s needs as well as training programs.


What we have

Our team members speak Armenian, English, Russian and French. We have dog behaviorist and project management specialist. We work with our own computers. The center is under construction. We have our own land with unfinished building, and a rehoming center.We have one year fellowship at Impact Hub Yerevan.

What we need

We are looking for an expert in animal welfare.

Animal Welfare Consultant is needed

We would be happy to host tourists who love animals and would be interested in having adventure.

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