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Soundlab: A platform for experiment in art, science and tech

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Armenia Art Foundation and Gyumri Technology Center are launching Soundlab: A platform for experiment in art, science and technology. The program will be held in April-August 2019 in a format of artistic research residency curated by composer, pianist and sound artist Vardan Harutyunyan and it will take place in Gyumri, Armenia. Soundlab aims at creating productive environment for research, experimentation, production and presentation in sound art. Based at Gyumri Technology Center, the residency will not only take its roots from the city of Gyumri, but it will also actively interact with the city and its daily life through different types of public events and artistic interventions. Soundlab creates a collaborative research platform with experimental composers and artists who live in Armenia, with the support of local and international experts from the fields of art, culture, science and technology. Individual art projects will be developed during the residency. We also expect from the resident artists to make a presentation of their work, or prepare a public workshop in Gyumri, and thus support the idea circulation and experience exchange at a broader level. Armenian and international experts will be invited to give lectures, lead workshops, introduce their ideas and projects, initiate discussions, perform and act as supporters to individual artistic researches. Experts will help artists to develop their knowledge on current tendencies and share recent scientific and technological discoveries. Experts are invited to present their own research projects and hold a call for collaboration.

What we have

Knowledge of Armenian, English, Russian and Italian languages. Studio-laboratory in Gyumri Technology Center. Joint project team with Gyumri Technology Center.

What we need

We are looking for expert in social entrepreneurship in arts and culture. We have the intention to make Soundlab more staible by doing it at least partly self-self-sufficient. We have preliminary ideas of creating tecnological products inspired by art, or finding any other more practical implementations of artistic skills that could be interesting to Armenian or international market.

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