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Professional business counseling and support to returning migrants and all other citizens

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About the project: For the last couple of years there has been a significant increase in the number of migrants coming back and settling in Armenia. Among those there is a serious number of small and medium entrepreneurs resettling from Russia. This migration wave could be conditioned by the unfavorable economic situation in the Russian Federation, with the depreciation of the Russian ruble in the Republic of Armenia and a number of other economic and social factors.Coming to Armenia, the returning migrants try to settle their businesses here, but in most of the cases they face difficulties in terms of legislation differences on small and medium enterprises (SMEs), as well as the lack of sources to get reliable information on the overall business registration procedure in Armenia. One of the main difficulties for foreign businessmen is lack of guidance on electronic submission of quarterly and annual reports. Therefore, many SMEs, having returned to their homeland with the intention to start their business here, very often abandon this idea or leave it unfinished at some point.Based on these challenges, a project idea was developed which aims to promote the activities of the existing Gavar Business Center, by organizing periodical group trainings and counseling sessions for SMEs who apply and are selected by the organizational team.The expected results of the project include:
  • SMEs of returning migrants introduced to the taxation system in Armenia and consulted which taxation regime corresponds more to their business.
  • SMEs equipped with more professional knowledge on entrepreneurship and consulted on their own business cases.
  • At least 5 SMEs registered at the end of each training course which, in its turn, will lead to employment growth and increased hiring opportunities in Armenia. 

What we have

Our resources include: the office space at Gavar Business Center, Trainers / Consultants, Training materials and study plans.

What we need

Business development specialist - to organize periodical group trainings and counseling sessions for SMEs who apply and are selected by the organizational team.

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