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Kiteboarding in Gyumri

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About the project: Armenia, with its varied landscape, is a perfect location for the development of various extreme sports, including snow-kiting (surfing on a snowy surface in winter) and kite surfing (surfing on the water surface in summer). Armenia’s mountainous regions have serious potential for snow-kiting, while water surfaces such as Lake Sevan, Lake Arpa and a couple of other mountainous reservoirs are perfectly suited to kite surfing. Such initiatives not only promote a healthy lifestyle and the participation of youth in sports activities, but also have great potential to attract tourists and extreme sports-enthusiasts.

Between 2013 and 2015, the “Kiteboarding Development Center”, a local NGO in Gyumri, implemented 4 projects which were targeted to the promotion of these sports in Armenia on an amateur level. Committed to the idea of exploiting Armenia’s potential, the “Kiteboarding Development Center” NGO presents a project called “Kiteschool Gyumri”. The project consists of two major components; theoretical input courses and long-term practical courses. It also includes raising awareness through campaigns about the specifics and benefits of these sports in Armenia and beyond its borders.

The aim of the project is to promote a healthy lifestyle and involvement in sports among youth and adolescents as a form of leisure and to develop the region’s potential in extreme sports tourism as a means for local development.

The expected results of the project include: 

  • around 40 young people introduced to the basics of kite boarding and snow-kiting and trained at mastering beginner level skills,
  • the ideology of a healthy lifestyle and kiteboarding, as a popular kind of sport, promoted among young people, 
  • the region is promoted as a tourist destination, ensuring growth and local development.

What we have

The “Kiteboarding Development Center” NGO will invest its whole property, in particular, 3 kites for training, 1 water kiteboard, 1 mountain ski, 1 trapezia, 4 water rescue vests and 4 safety hamlets. Our NGO is also ready to contribute with theoretical and practical knowledge. 

What we need

We need a PR and Communications specialist to raise the public outreach of our activities and to attract new donors.

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