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Kharatian Experiential Arts Center, Gyumri

Ballet2021 Foundation
Creative arts and design

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As Gyumri approaches the 30th anniversary of the 1988 earthquake that devastated it, Ballet2021 Foundation is realizing a new project to help revitalize the local economy by transforming Gyumri into an international high arts center. Cornerstones of the Vision:

• Social Innovation
• A unique destination to experience art
• Standing on a global crossroads
• To understand Armenia’s place in the world

Kharatian Experiential Arts Center’s mission is to put Gyumri and Armenia on the map as a unique destination to experience art and spirituality, to spark intellectual curiosity and provide the visitors the opportunity to fully interact and engage with the Center as the nation's premier nexus of arts, learning, and culture by breaking boundaries between audience and art. The Kharatian Experiential Arts Center (KEAC) is founded on the belief that the arts have the potential to educate, engage, inspire, and empower. The Center embraces the arts as a compelling form of communication among individuals and across diverse cultures, expressing the issues of today while giving us a deeper understanding of the past.

At the core of the Kharatian Centre for the Performing Arts is the believe that ballet, as the intersection between athletics, spirituality, and performance, is a transcendent tool to connect.

The KEAC will find a home near the train station, in the old cultural centre, which was destroyed by the earthquake like most of the city. 30 years later, the building’s main walls are still standing: they will be the core of the architectural concept for a building that fuses together old and new. The concept aims to capture the space within the walls and allow it to become a centre of creation, for today and for tomorrow.

• Promoting economic growth and job creation
• Stimulating innovation and knowledge networks
• Regenerating urban and rural areas

The Center will serve people of all ages and walk.

What we have

Our team speaks Armenian, English and Russian. 
Our strengthens are:

  • strong professional network throughout the world, 
  • high professional expertise, 
  • unique product 
  • Roudolf Kharatian’s world-renowned dance philosophy and teaching method. 

Our weaknesses are:

  • No permanent office, we are based at ImpactHub. 
  • No permanent source for operational costs. 

What we need

Our team needs Communications for development specialist - for strengthening Institutional Marketing and Fundraising.

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