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Rebuilding textile industry of Gyumri

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Project background: Ever since the Soviet Union, the Shirak region’s capital Gyumri was prominent for its textile manufacturing. However, the tragic earthquake of 1988, which was followed by the dissolution of the Soviet Union, devastated the once booming textile industry not only of the city but of the entire Armenia as well. As a result of these events, many professionals working in textile manufacturing either migrated or were left jobless.
Nowadays, there are plans to rebuild the city’s once prosperous textile industry, initially, by equipping interested candidates with the necessary skills and knowledge on creative and more modern approaches to the industry. Hence, the main objective of this project is to develop the textile industry of Gyumri, which in its turn will contribute to the socio-economic development of the Shirak region.
The expected results of this project include:
  • Increased number of qualified textile industry workers,
  • Improved conditions of textile manufacturing,
  • Improved socio-economic conditions in Gyumri.
Indeed, the textile industry is one the most important branches of the Armenian economy, which has a huge potential to develop. Thus, transfer of knowledge and skills from diaspora experts can be one of the steps to improve this industry.

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