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Seen in a global context, the Armenian standards in education are low. This is also due to the weak economy, which added to that is leaving many Armenians behind unemployed. According to the National Statistical Service's report for 2016, 71% of 23-30 year old officially registered as unemployed are women. They are the ones most effected by unemployment. This data shows that, while implementing employment, vocational training programs for the reduction of unemployment and consequently the welfare of the country, young women and girls should be the prioritized target groups. 

That is why our project ARMENECOOP is targeting young unemployed women from the Dilijan community and right now our first round in educating them entrepreneurial skills and teaching them in handcraft (like sewing and making clay crafts) has successfully completed. Many of them afterwards found a job (20 women participated in ARMENECOOP project and after business classes 12 of them found a job), but with the rest we continue to produce and develop new products. These products we want to sell through a business – a social entrepreneurship, which needs to be established now, where our graduated women, who didn’t find another job immediately afterwards, can work and if we do it right, they could start making a living out of selling the products. This will reduce the percentage of unemployment in community which mean the eradication of poverty in community. 

Meanwhile we also like to recruit new women, who are learning the handcraft-skills from their already graduated counterparts and additionally are trained by some experts, just as the others were in the entrepreneurial field. The results of this process are the products we want to sell. In that way we hope our project sticks to the sustainability we aimed for in the beginning. We want to empower local women in terms of finding a job, making a better living and in every case building up their confidence. Abbreviated we want the next phase of the ARMENECOOP program to result in:

R1: 10 newly recruited women to gain knowledge and skills in sewing,
R2: 10 newly recruited women to gain knowledge and skills in clay work,
R3: Making ARMENECOOP more developed by equipping it with more and better materials and machines in order to make better quality products,
R4: A professional ARMENECOOP website with an online shop-feature,
R5: A developed social entrepreneurship, where the participants of this project are working and which is paying for itself,
R6: 10 types of new products are made,
R7: 5 Agreements with local companies for selling are there, 
R8: 10 shipped products are there,
R9: A newly developed marketing strategy for Armenecoop.

What we have

We want ARMENECOOP to evolve into a working social entrepreneurship, but we are also not starting from scratch. ARMENCOOP already has an office, with an administrative section and a room equipped with sewing machines and a basic amount of materials.

What we need

In order to achieve result R3 and therefore to set up our product line professionally, we need a graphic designer to develop the designs digitally to put on our self-made turtbags, mags,other products

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