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Sustainable Armenia through Recycling

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Impulse Recycling LLC is a limited liability company, which has an aim to make Armenia a role model of sustainability through creating the first model in the country and the entire Caucasus electronic waste, plastic bottles, and aluminum recycling and dismantling facility in Dilijan, Vanadzor, Gyumri, and Yerevan.

The Founders are alumni of United World College Dilijan. The initiation of the project goes back to the first year of their studies at the college. During their exploration of Armenia, the problem of waste management was becoming more and more seen. It was always sad to see waste just laying around, harming Armenian nature and wellbeing of its citizens and visitors. Cedric Solms offered to take actions and start, firstly, Re-apaga Charity Foundation, which is organizing raising awareness campaigns and then create the first role-model of sustainability as a viable business.

The project’s main objectives:
to create e-waste, plastic bottles, and aluminum recycling and dismantling facility.

The project’s main target audience and beneficiaries:
1,3 million people living in Dilijan, Vanadzor, Gyumri, and Yerevan, who will be awarded for collecting their waste directly from their households and enjoy their lives in cleaner and environmentally-friendly cities.

The project’s main expected outcomes:
to create 422 jobs, distribute $1,750,000 annually through bonus reward system, and achieve great environmental impact.

What we have

Our resources are: professional staff, expertise of our partners and supporters, strong network.

What we need

We need a Communications and Outreach specialist to help us in promoting and developing crowdfunding campaigns.

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